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Please reach out to us with any questions! We want to support you in any way you need. We are here ready to walk alongside you.

Orientation Forms

Please read and sign the following forms and email them to [email protected] if you would like to talk to us, receive discipleship, or become apart of our Parents Fellowship.  Please provide three times you are available to talk in your email.

Initial Ministry Greeting

Initial Email Intake, Confidentiality, Release

Doctrinal Statement

Training Handouts

The following forms are used in our training and are helpful in general. Please click on the name of the form or ministry to access it.

Gender Identity Formation Handout 

The following form is courtesy of the Portland Fellowship: 4 Theological Views (differing views)

Grounding Christian Scriptures

Key Scriptures

Scripture and Johari Window 

My Genes Made Me Do It Summary

Guidance for Parents

The following form is courtesy of Debora Barr Ministries: Tool for Pastors