Seminars and Training

We serve churches and organizations who feel they need training and resources in this area. We provide a training called "Homosexuality and the Church."  We want you to feel equipped to best serve your congregation, love those who are hurting, and walk alongside families and individuals who come to you seeking support. Some commonly requested teachings include:

  • Understanding Gender Identity Formation
  • The 4 Theological Views of Those Who Experience Homosexuality and How To Minister to Each One
  • The 3 Group Trends in Exchanging LGBTQ for Jesus
  • Practical Tips for Reaching Out
  • Discovering Effective Ministry to the LGBTQ Community
  • Listening Prayer Training
  • Hands-On Worship Flagging Workshop 1 & 2
bible study

Support for Individuals

We have personally experienced God's life-transformational power, His goodness, and faithfulness everywhere we go. Our heart is to see you discover the Lord in the same way and allow that to impact the rest of your life for the better. You can join a fellowship group, worship flagging, or receive discipleship both remotely and in-person.

Support for Loved Ones

If you find yourself confused over a loved one's recent announcement or still trying to understand effective family dynamics within your Christian worldview, we believe that God is willing and able to lead you into the abundant life He promises. We can provide discipleship sessions both remotely and in-person and we provide a monthly Parents Fellowship for prayer and sharing.

Worship Flagging

We have experienced the freedom that Worship Flagging adds to a traditionally auditory worship environment. Whether the music is more orthodox or contemporary in style, the use of one's whole self with flags during worship brings a visual representation and physical congruity many disciples of Jesus enjoy.


Just as David danced before the Lord with all his might (2 Samuel 6:14)  and as followers of Jesus, we are expected to worship the Lord with all of our strength (Luke 10:27), we are constantly being stretched in obedience to worship the way God requests.


We Provide:

  • Workshop Flagging Workshops
  • Demonstrations fit for events

For the people at our events and in our community, our hope is that they will experience the relief, peace, and freedom that they are searching for inside an environment of holy worship to our Savior!

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