Who We Are

Derek Paul

Founder/Executive Pastor

About Derek

Derek is an Occupational Therapist who personally overcame same-sex attraction through Christian faith. He helps people navigate personal and familial challenges with sexual confusion. He has a heart for helping people grow their relationship with Jesus and become more effective in ministry.

Derek supports personal spiritual development and healthy boundaries, and he enjoys worship art and teaching worship flagging demonstrations.

Board of Directors

To Be Announced!

Board President

Marie Schfill

Board Vice President

Jay Calloway

Board treasurer

Yerania Valencia

Board Secretary

Dominic Polverino

Board Member

Sherrill Fisher

Board Member

Jay Calloway

Board Member

Derek Paul

Board Member


Elisha Mathieu

Ministry Assistant

Jen Duke

Ministry Assistant

Tess Christensen

Ministry Assistant

Parent Facilitators

Anita & Paul Pawelski

Chayil Ministries

Larry and Lorri Goodall

Group Facilitators

Elmer & Rhen Hansen