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Invite us to teach a Seminar or Training

We serve churches and organizations who feel they need training and resources in this area. We provide a training called “Homosexuality and the Church.” We want you to feel equipped to best serve your congregation, love those who are hurting, and walk alongside families and individuals who come to you seeking support.

Become an Ambassador

Identify’s Ambassadors are the “go-to” person at each church or Christian organization when dealing with sexual orientation and gender identity. 

By attending quarterly training, they are empowered to brief their leaders on up-to-date, effective ministry frameworks and resources and prepare leadership for practical responses to sexuality issues impacting their community. With basic training, ambassadors assist pastors in ministry referrals and continuity with their relationship with Identify Ministries.

Art Direction

Workshop Flagging Workshops

Demonstrations fit for events

Renting of flags for nearby venues

Creation of flags

For the people at our events and in our community, our hope is that they will experience the relief, peace, and freedom that they are searching for inside an environment of holy worship to our Savior!

ways to volunteer

Be on the Prayer Team

Provide Pastoral Support

Be part of the Awareness Group

Provide discipleship

Interested in Getting Involved?

We would love to have you apart of the team! Please reach out to us for more information.